Millennials Are Annoyed With COVID-19

According to Recent Study

New survey measuring millennial attitudes and behaviors during pandemic points to more online shopping, more concern for physical well-being

December 23, 2020, Los Angeles – Like most Americans, the Millennial perspective on the global pandemic is overwhelmingly negative, with 53% reporting high levels of anxiety. But surprisingly, Millennial negativity is accompanied by a greater level of annoyance – with 59% expressing frustration over the new realities Covid-19 has created according to The Millennial COVID-19 Attitudes & Behaviors Study conducted by Small Giant and NineDezine in partnership with research experts response: AI. The survey, conducted last month, measures Millennial attitudes and behaviors since the beginning of the pandemic.

The feeling of annoyance is even more pronounced among older Millennials (35 – 44), with 63% identifying this as their strongest emotion. Only 31% of Millennials are optimistic with the current situation in spite of recent vaccine announcements, and only 24% described themselves as cheerful. Additionally, 40% believe the situation in the coming months will get worse.

Key behavior changes where Millennials report increased activity, aside from obvious online shopping and exercising at home, include brand switching (44%) and long-term financial planning (30%), as well as increased likelihood of vehicle ownership (22%) in the next six months – behaviors to which brands may want to pay critical attention. Additional findings in the Study point to emerging marketing opportunities, preferences, and pitfalls for reaching a generation with enormous buying power.

“Many Millennials have been forced to switch products due lack of availability, which exposes consumers to brands they wouldn’t have considered previously. That’s good news for challenger brands,” said Mike Cooperman, Marketing Strategist and Partner with NineDezine. “In the next six months, nearly one-third of Millennials will change the brands they typically purchase – when is the last time that many consumer brand decisions were up for grabs? From brand preference to spending preference to car ownership, Millennials have been forced to reconsider their choices, and we expect many of these changes to stick post-pandemic.”

The Millennial COVID-19 Attitudes & Behaviors Study explores Millennial attitudes and behaviors, and how they’ve changed since the beginning of the pandemic. The study was conducted through response: AI and drawn from a nationally representative panel sample of 302 U.S. residents ages 25 – 44.

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